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The Application Process

When seeking information about deadlines, application requirements, visits and interviews, and more, your best bet is to get familiar with schools’ schedules, because although there may be common deadlines and notification dates, many schools have their own. Check our calendar for suggestions on what to do during each season of the year before you apply. Be sure to test early enough to ensure that your scores will be delivered in time to meet the application deadline, and give yourself some wiggle room in case you want to retake the test.

Remember that deadlines vary by region and by individual school, and day school timetables may differ from boarding school timetables. For many schools, the process is “rolling” (takes place throughout the year). You may also be entering this process at any point in the admission cycle, so remember that communication with the schools themselves is key.

The Find A Seat Filter: This filter in our School Search​ allows you to search specifically for schools that have identified themselves as accepting applications after traditional deadlines have passed. Simply select the semester you are applying for in the ​"Find A Seat” field.​ This list is updated by our member schools in real time, so please check back often during your process.​​​

Video: Ti​​ps on Applying for Financial Aid at Independent Schools with Jackson Marvel, Director of Financial Aid and Senior Associate Director of Admission at The Hotchkiss School, and John Hutchins, Director of Financial Aid at Phillips Exeter Academy.

Video: So Now What? Traditional Advice for Nontraditional Applicants with The Association of Boarding Schools (TABS)