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Don't be concerned if your timeline doesn't match the one below - many schools will accept applications after traditional deadlines.

​Fall (of the year before you want to enroll) 

  • Research schools. 

  • Contact schools for more information and to arrange visits. 

  • Register for the SSAT or other required admission tests.

  • Ask your current school/teachers to submit your transcript and recommendation forms. (If you use our Standard Application Online, you will only need one set of these.  Visit the SAO page for more information.)

  • If possible, visit each school for a tour and an interview. 


  • Complete and submit your school applications and request financial aid forms, if you are planning to ask for aid. Remember that most applications include some sort of essay component. Determine if the Standard Application Online (SAO) is a good option for you.

  • Make sure your current school has submitted the teacher evaluations, letters of recommendation, and transcripts of your grades required by the school you're applying to.

  • Check with the admission offices at the schools you’re applying to and make sure they have received all necessary information, including your test scores. 


  • Schools will inform you of their decisions, typically early in March. This sometimes happens on a common date (March 10), but many schools operate on different calendars. When you apply, ask when you will hear about the decision. 

  • Schools will also notify students who have been placed on waiting lists. Depending on how many admitted students accept a school’s offer, you may or may not be moved from wait list status to an admitted student.

  • Schools will let you know about financial aid decisions if you have applied, typically around the same time that they send your admission decision. 

  • Before the enrollment deadline, some schools offer revisit days to students they have accepted so that you can get another look at the school.

  • Let the school know if you are accepting their offer.


  • Once you have selected a school and are enrolled, you will begin to plan your schedule and your new life at the school. 

  • Some schools continue to make decisions to admit students and notify families throughout the summer.