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About Test Preparation

Many families view test preparation companies as an excellent way to get ready to take the SSAT. Test preparation companies can help students understand the SSAT’s format and timing, the types of questions they will see on the test, and the instructions that will be presented to them.

In an effort to support families, we launched an exciting new licensing program to ensure that students receive correct information about the SSAT and access to SSAT-authored practice test questions.

Authorized test preparation companies can now use practice questions created by the SSAT development team in their preparation programs. Most recently, we welcomed Test Innovators to this program. We expect an expansion to include additional providers, giving families a range of test preparation options that they can count on for the best and most accurate information about the SSAT.

This website contains the basic information families need to know about the SSAT. We also offer SSAT Practice Online, an online practice service, and  The Official Guide to the SSAT​, written by members of our testing team.