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Statement About Test Prep Companies

Studying before you take a test is never a bad idea. Indeed, the best way to prepare for the SSAT is to become familiar with the content, format, timing, and scoring of the test. However, unrealistic expectations are often created for families when they engage in test-preparation for their children, expecting to see dramatic gains in their child's results. Each year, we receive calls from parents who "prepped" and received some form of advance prediction about their child's score, only to be upset when they received a different score on the actual SSAT.

It is important to remember that we do not endorse nor participate with any outside companies in the business of prepping students for the SSAT (This includes member schools that offer SSAT preparation classes.) Further, we'd suggest to families that they stay away from any outside group claiming complete knowledge of the SSAT—especially those promising guaranteed score increases through use of their prep services.

This website contains the basic information families need to know about the SSAT. We also offer SSAT Practice Online, an online practice service, and  The Official Guide to the SSAT​, written by members of our testing team.

There are a multitude of sources, both online and offline, that promise to prepare you for the SSAT and increase your test score. Unfortunately, none of them offer true facsimiles of the real SSAT for the simple reason that our organization never releases actual tests to the general public.​