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Scores - FAQs

Note:  these FAQs refer to the Middle and Upper Level SSAT.  For more information about the Elementary Level SSAT, please click here.

Score Logistics

When will my scores be available?​

Scores are delivered approximately 2 weeks after a standard test administration date. Learn more about getting your scores.

How do I get my scores?

Log into your SSAT account, click on the "My Scores" button. A list of test dates your student is registered for, or already took, will be listed. Click on the "+" next to the test date. A "View Score Report" option will appear as the menu expands. Click on this to view your score report.

Can I get my scores by email or over the phone?

No. Scores are released to students online via the SSAT account. For an additional fee, a paper score report can also be sent via U.S. Mail or FedEx. A text or email alert can be ordered through the SSAT account which will alert you when your score is ready. SSAT customer service representatives do not have access to student scores. See the Score Services page for more information.

Will the school I'm in automatically receive my test scores?

No. All score recipients, including your current school, must be selected as score recipients, either in the Score Recipient section of the registration form when you register for the test, or added later using your SSAT account. Click here for instructions on adding score recipients.

What is the difference between an advisor and a score recipient?

An advisor is someone who is assisting you with your testing and application process. This is usually a placement director at your school, an educational consultant, or an access organization counselor. This person works with students for outplacement and, once designated, will have access to view and send test scores on a student's behalf. Your full score report (including the writing sample) is NOT automatically available to your advisor. If you would like your advisor to have access to your full score report, you must also list them as a score recipient.

A score recipient is a school to which you wish to send your scores for enrollment consideration.

Can I choose which individual section scores are reported to schools?

This is referred to as "super scoring" and students cannot do this on the SSAT. Ex: You cannot select a verbal score from one test and then a quantitative section from another test. You can send as many full score reports for each test to as many or as few schools as you wish. However, some schools will do this themselves. Contact the admission office at the school(s) to which you are applying to see if they will use the highest scoring sections from multiple tests.

Can I register for a test without listing any score recipients?

Yes. You do not have to list any score recipients when you register. You may designate recipients online at any time at no charge during the academic year using your SSAT account. Click here for instructions.

Can I send my scores to a school that is not listed under Score Recipients?

SSAT is not authorized to release scores to institutions that are not members of The Enrollment Management Association. Check the School Search for the most current list of member schools and organizations.

If I test multiple times during the year, which scores are reported?

SSAT will send official score reports for each test only to those schools you designate. If you are unsure about reporting your scores, it may be best to wait until after you have received them to designate the school recipients.

Are score reports flagged showing the test was taken with testing accommodations?

SSAT score reports do NOT include any indication a test was taken with testing accommodations.

Scores and Schools

When will my scores be available?​

Scores are processed and reported within two weeks of our receipt of testing materials.

How will I receive my score report?

Once released, scores will be available in your account. Log in to your account and click on "My Scores" and then click on the "+" sign. Click the "View Score Report" button.

I need to send the scores to a school. How do I do that?

Scores can be sent from your account. Please login to your account, click on "my scores" and then click on the + sign. You will see "add recipient." Type in the school name & click on "search." When the name comes up, click on it and the scores will be sent immediately.

Do schools see if the student has taken more than one SSAT?

No - there is no indication on the score report as to how many tests were taken. Families alone choose which/how many score reports to send to chosen schools.

Can I send my scores to a school that is not listed under score recipients?

No. SSAT scores may only be reported to members of The Enrollment Management Association, which administers the SSAT.

What is a score advisor?

Many families choose to use the services of an educational consultant or a placement counselor at their current school to help with the admission process. In these cases, families can list a member school or consultant as a score advisor. This score advisor will then have the ability to view the scores and list score recipients on behalf of the family.

Did my student do "well"?

If you have any questions about your student's performance, contact a school to which they are applying. Each school has different requirements and can provide feedback about the importance of scores and how they factor into the admission process. It is important to remember that SSAT scores are only one part of your student's application.

How will I receive my student's writing sample that I purchased?

Once available, writing samples are provided in your student's account. They are not sent via mail or email. Please login to your student's account, click on "My Scores", and then click on the + sign next to the their test. Then click on "Writing Sample."

How long are scores kept on file?

Scores are kept on file and can be reported for two testing seasons (August 1st to July 31st).

Can I see the actual questions my student got wrong?

No. The SSAT is a non-disclosed test and questions may be reused in the future. Thus, the specific test questions from your student's test are not available.

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