Snapshot Report FAQ

What happened?

Our testing team recently identified an error that affected some results for Character Skills Snapshots taken this admission season. This error caused the scale for Upper Level students (grades 8-12) to be applied to Middle Level students (grades 5-7) and vice versa. We have corrected this error. Now the accurate scale is used to evaluate students’ results for each grade group.

How are you making sure it doesn't happen again?

We are reviewing our quality control process and revising our procedures to ensure the appropriate checks and balances are in place.

My results were affected/withdrawn. What do I need to do/what are my options?

Any affected results you reported to schools have been withdrawn and schools are obligated to purge them from their records.

In the first week of January, student’s revised report will be available on your Character Skills Snapshot workstation. After reviewing it, you will be able to select one of the following options:

    • Send your revised report to the school(s) to which you are applying or previously applied, or
    • Discard previous results and retake The Snapshot

What about schools? Have they been advised?

We have contacted all affected schools by email and phone to let them know what happened, and advised them to delete any previous results and use only the newest Snapshot reports, once available, in their admission processes.

Will schools see my revised Snapshot report?

No, not until you share your updated report or retake The Snapshot and send that report.

How do I know if a school is using the right report?  Should I call them?

There is no need to reach out to schools. We contacted all affected schools promptly to let them know what happened and advised them to use only the updated report in their admission processes. They have been instructed to discard any reports they have printed, and they will only see your updated report after you send it.

Which Snapshot reports were affected?

Only some Snapshots taken between August 2 and December 16, 2018 were affected.

Are my SSAT results affected? How do I know my SSAT results are correct?

The Snapshot exists independently from the SSAT and results for the SSAT are not affected in any way.

Does this mean Snapshot results aren’t reliable?

This error does not in any way reflect the ability of The Snapshot to measure character skills. The revised results are valid - they simply now reflect the correct scale for your student’s grade level.

My results were affected and I no longer wish to give one or more schools access to the revised version. Can I retract them?

All affected reports were immediately removed from schools as soon as this issue was discovered, so no schools currently have your results. If you prefer not to send Snapshot results to a school or schools, simply do not send your revised report. EMA also reached out to receiving schools to instruct them to discard previous reports they have printed.