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Middle & Upper Level SSAT At a Glance Brochure​Download the 2016-2017 SSAT At A Glance br​ochures:

Middle & Upper Levels

Elementary Level

Test dates, fees, and deadlines​

Step 1: Create an SSAT Account

To register for the SSAT, you must have an SSAT account. Use your account to:

  • Print your admission ticket
  • Change your test date, location, and contact information
  • Add or cancel score recipients
  • Track your test registrations, school inquires, and applications
  • Receive your SSAT score report(s)
  • Order study guides and additional services
  • Participate in the online practice program 

Please note: When creating an account, students must indicate their gender as male or female. This is because SSAT reports percentiles based upon both the indicated gender and also separately for all students from that grade. Transgender students should indicate the gender with which they identify and are indicating on applications to schools.​

Use the Student Login to create or access your account.

​​​Visit the Help Center for more information on creating an account and registering for the SSAT

Step 2: Register for the SSAT

View Step-by-Step PDF Instructions for Registering for the SSAT

Adding an Advisor

pdfHow To Designate an Advisor (PDF)

If you are currently enrolled at a school that is a member of The Enrollment Management Association and are working with the school's placement director, or if you are using an educational consultant to help you manage your admission process, you may permit your placement director or educational consultant to manage your student registration account. 

First, get your consultant/placement director's SSAT identification code. When you register for the test, simply include your advisor's SSAT identification code when prompted. This permission will enable your consultant or placement director to add/cancel scores on your behalf.