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The Official SSAT Practice Online Includes:

This comprehensive online study tool was designed with hours of input from parents and students who have been through the process of taking the SSAT. SSAT Practice Online features a free mini test as well as concentration in each of the areas on the exam (verbal, math, reading), and diagnostic tools that let you know where you should focus your efforts. We offer a full year of access, including content updates and progress indicators.

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One SSAT Practice Test Online (30 min) 3 Full SSAT Practice Tests Online (Timed to Simulate the Actual SSAT)
Initial List of SSAT Topics to Study, Based on Your FREE Practice Test Results 15 Individual Online Section Tests
Hundreds of Lessons, Exercises and Videos to Help you Study Hundreds of Study Tools
Official SSAT Practice Online is currently available for Upper Level or Middle Level SSATs only
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Ongoing Recommendations on SSAT Topics to Study, Based on Your Practice Test Results

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Summary of Highest and Lowest Scoring Topics

  Hundreds of Short Quizzes on Targeted SSAT Topics
  On-Demand Videos from the Creators of the SSAT


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