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Sending Your Scores

TIP: To get your scores, log into your account, click on the My Scores tab, click on the plus sign (+) next to the test date to expand the information fully, then click on View Score Report. It is a PDF that you can open and print for your records.

How do I know if a school received my scores?

After you designate your score recipients, a message will appear under the name of the school that indicates if the scores have been sent or are pending with the school. If the message under the school score recipient's name indicates scores have been sent to the school, there is no need to call us or the school to inquire about the receipt of scores.

Who Can Receive My Scores?

Only member schools and consultants of The Enrollment Management Association are eligible to receive SSAT scores.

​Sending Your Scores

How To Send Your Scores To Schools (PDF)

​Using your SSAT account​, you may add or cancel/remove score recipients online anytime before or after testing, free of charge.

To select score recipients at registration: Search for and select the name of the school during your test registration. If you prefer to see your scores before sending them, you may submit your registration with no score recipients listed and add them later..​

A note about advisors - advisors are not the same as score recipients. If you want your placement director or educational consultant to have the ability to see your scores and send them on your behalf, you must designate them as an advisor for each SSAT you take.​ Schools to which you are applying and sending your scores are "score recipients."

Adding an Advisor

To add a score recipient: If you have not yet received your scores, go to "My Tests." If you have received scores, go to "My Scores." Click on the "+" icon to expand the test date for which you wish to send scores. Click on "Add Recipient" under "Score Recipients." Choose the school from the search feature. A message indicating if the scores have been sent or if they are pending will show under the school's name.​

To remove a score recipient: Click on the "Remove" link next to the school you wish to remove. Score recipients may only be cancelled before scores are released.

Canceling Your SSAT Scores

Sometimes things don’t go well when students take the SSAT. If this happens to you, you have the option of canceling your test scores. If you decide to cancel, your scores will not be reported to you or any of the schools you have selected to receive them. Be sure to cancel a test score you don't want by 5:00 PM EDT on the Tuesday following your test date. You cannot wait until a score is received before canceling.

About Multiple Test Scores and "Super Scoring"

A student may test on any or all of the eight Standard SSAT administrations, plus one Flex test, per testing year (August 1 - July 31), for a total of nine testing opportunities. We will send official score reports only to those schools you designate with each exam. Score reports do not list the number of times the SSAT was taken or the number of score reports on file.

We do NOT "super score" the SSAT - that is, you cannot choose your highest individual section scores from multiple tests to send individually - you can only send complete score reports. Contact the school to which you are applying to inquire as to whether they will "super score" by selecting the highest-scoring sections from multiple score reports.