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What is The Character Skills Snapshot?

The Character Skills Snapshot is an online assessment, taken at home in approximately 20 minutes, that provides schools with a richer holistic view of your student. It measures your student's view of his/her character skill development and is meant to complement more traditional cognitive assessments such as the SSAT. The Character Skills Snapshot gives admission teams additional information and illuminates areas where their schools can help your student grow, thrive, and shine.The Snapshot is meant to provide a snapshot in time of your student's view of his/her character skills - it is not a fixed, absolute measure. View a webinar about The Snapshot.

What are the skills it measures?

Understanding The Character Skills Snapshot (recorded Nov. 2018)

How do I register for The Snapshot?

The registration process for The Snapshot is easy. For SSAT test takers, The Snapshot is included free of charge. When you register for the SSAT, you will also be able to register to take The Snapshot - you will see a Snapshot button on the homepage of the student SSAT account.

For students not taking the SSAT, the fee for The Snapshot is $35.00. If the school to which you are applying uses The Snapshot, let them know you'll be taking it. If you don't see information about The Snapshot on a school's site, ask them if they are using it in their admission process.

View step-by-step directions for the registration process here:

For SSAT Testers     For Non-SSAT Testers

How does my student take The Snapshot?

Follow the registration processes listed above. Parents/guardians must create both parent/guardian and student SSAT accounts.

The Parent/Guardian Account

  • Provides parent/guardian and student information
  • Creates a student account with username and password
  • Gives consent and signs an integrity statement

The Student Account

  • Once the parent/guardian has provided consent and submits the integrity statement, the student then logs in to his/her account
  • A "Take the Snapshot"  icon will appear on the student account 
  • Student submits integrity statement
  • Student takes The Snapshot
  • The Snapshot can only be taken on the student account, not the parent account. The student must be logged in to see Snapshot access.

Which schools are using The Snapshot?

Hundreds of schools use The Snapshot in their admission process. If you don't know if a school uses The Snapshot, simply inquire at the admission office.

How do I send Snapshot reports to schools? 

Once the results report has been posted (see chart below), parents/guardians can send reports to any schools that have opted to receive Snapshot results (you cannot choose report recipients prior to report release). To send a report to a placement director at your school or an educational consultant, designate them as a report recipient once you receive your results. If your advisor or consultant is not an EMA member, download the PDF report and provide it to them.

View step-by-step directions for sending reports here:

Sending Your Snapshot Report     

2019-20 EMA Snapshot Release Chart V2.1.1

Have more questions? Visit our Snapshot FAQ page